Results Based Web Design and Development

Your website should be designed around the core concept of how you intend on driving revenue.  Do you have a large recurring customer database, are you just starting out, are you a large firm with a significant marketing budget?  Each of these factors along with the examples below should drive the decision-making process ie. do you need a new website, should we do a redesign of your existing website, or set up a series of branded landing pages to augment what you have now.  Unlike web designers, who make their sole living selling and building websites, we take a more holistic profit-driven approach to these questions.

We operate in extremely large and competitive markets (for example Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles) as well as smaller markets.  The approach that produces the best results will vary widely depending on the market competition.  For example, if you are a multi-office personal injury law firm in North Carolina (where each paid click/visitor from Google can cost $200), then our development efforts would focus on the natural search results in Google (organic/free clicks) as the cost per client acquisition can be calculated with a high degree of accuracy.  We know that we can deliver new clients at roughly 1/20th the cost of paid search marketing.

Our next example would be a sole practitioner general practice law firm operating in a small market area like Akron, OH. This law firm can immediately begin receiving inbound calls and email form submissions in as little as 1 hour from our campaign launch. In this case, the client has a limited budget, however, we can acquire paid clicks/visitors for as little as $3-$4 each.  We then calculate how many incoming leads does he need to acquire one case. The answers vary, but we can determine this with great accuracy and tracking technology.

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