$1,500 Digital Marketing Grant for Small / Medium Sized Law Firms

The Idea:

Rather than spend thousands of dollars monthly on advertising and marketing for new clients I have decided to invest these dollars directly into helping the law firms that would benefit the most from our marketing grant program.  While not all law firms will qualify, we encourage you to apply and see if your firm is a good fit for our agency.


Here in the slideshow are just a few of the law firms we have been able to help.

Here is how our Marketing Grant Program for Law Firms works:

An attorney or law firm needs a website redesign or a new website to generate new cases.

Our web redesign or new build packages start at $1,500 for a basic attorney site design. All designs at all levels include more than you might expect. We start with all the basic pages needed for a successful law firm website such as Home, Practice Areas, Attorney Bios, About the Firm, and contact forms.

We add in additional critical features such as SSL certificates / green lock bar in the browser, mobile responsive designs that adapt and look great on any device, and professional stock imagery and coding.

Case Scenario 1:

So, an attorney could apply for the grant and if selected receive the new basic website package ($1,500) free of charge. The Law Firm would be responsible for paying a monthly hosting, support, maintenance, to include minor graphic or text changes by our team for a fixed monthly fee of $100.  After 12 months of paying the aforementioned fee, the website is considered fully owned by the law firm. They can choose to continue with our package at the standard monthly rate or do whatever they like with their new website.

Case Scenario 2:  Most Popular

The next attorney/law firm prefers a higher level design (more prewritten content and pages as an example) at a cost of $2,500. If accepted for the grant we would apply the $1,500 towards the total cost making the net due only $1,000 for the new site. They would then be responsible for the $100 monthly support and hosting fee mentioned above.

Case Scenario 3:

This law firm has an established website that they are satisfied with as far as the layout and design. In this case, there was no real SEO work done to promote the website and it is suffering in the rankings in Google.

After we do a detailed analysis of what needs to be done to improve their rankings and incoming leads we determine the first and most necessary phase to be a full technical SEO site audit and optimization of their 300 most important pages.

We price this at $6,000 and offer them a 3-month payment plan to accommodate both their budget and the time we need to complete the project.

So, we apply the $1,500 grant to the total price reducing it to $4,500 split over 3 months for a cost of $1,500 monthly.  At this point, the client can choose to continue with our services promoting their website or not. No long term committment or loopholes.

At this point, the client can choose to continue with our services promoting their website or not. No long term commitment or loopholes.

What's the Catch?

If your law firm is chosen as a grant recipient we only ask that you provide us a 300-500 word testimonial describing the experience working with us, your level of satisfaction with our work, and the value we provided you.

We need to ensure this is a legitimate review of our work so that we can embolden more attorneys to apply for our grant, which helps them and us grow our businesses.

With so many marketers saturating attorneys with offers for their services this is our way of breaking away from that group and distinguishing ourselves as an agency that really does partner with the firms we market for.