Law Firm Marketing Grant Application

We limit the number of clients we can help in a particular city / region. We prefer exclusive marketing relationships. For example; if we have a Divorce Law Firm as an active client in Miami, we would only consider another divorce law firm in Miami under certain circumstances.
Marketing budget is a factor in the grant process but does not necessarily increase or decrease your probability of receiving our marketing grant. We our proud to help law firms of all sizes.
LinkedIn, Referral, Website, Social Media, Google Search, Other. If other please explain.
Please describe the nature of your law firm, practice areas, number of attorneys, etc. and your goals for your firm's website and digital marketing in general ie. Lead Generation, Social Media Reach, Brand Awareness, Paid Advertising
All information submitted via this form is to be treated as confidential. Your information will not be used other than to evaluate your application for our Law Firm Marketing Grant Program. By checking "I understand and agree" you also acknowledge that all applicants are not awarded the marketing grant. In either case, acceptance or denial, we will inform you of the status of your grant application within 5 working days.
Please type your full legal name and initials in this box to serve as your digital signature on the grant application